What is the best bite?

When you’re eating, no matter what it is, from a carefully constructed sandwich to a thoughtfully orchestrated entree to some fabulously greasy take-out to a goopy ice cream sundae, and you manage to get the perfect balance of each flavor in the dish crammed onto your fork (or spoon or chopsticks or hands) and into your mouth at once, that’s the Best Bite. It’s when you can sample the dish the way the creator intended, and have an opportunity to learn which flavors work together and why some combinations become classic (like churros and hot chocolate, which are a stellar combination. Muchas Gracias, Espana!) When offering samples of food to friends, you want to give them a best bite, so they can experience every component of the dish together (and so you don’t have to part with another bite).

I’m writing this to share my love of, my passion for, my complete obsession with, The Best Bite. (And as much as I’d love to take credit for the genius behind it, my friend Charlie introduced me to the concept of the best bite, and it has consumed me ever since. Fortunately, I've consumed it too.)

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Susan said...

I had a nutritionist once tell me to take only 4 bites of a dessert and then throw it away (actually, she said to pour salt on it to avoid eating any more.) Alas, I could not do this for fear that the "Best Bite" was bite #5....or 6...or 7...well, you get the idea. As it happens, I never have this internal argument over vegetables.

I look forward to your next entry!